2019-04-13 – RSD, bitches!

(2019-04-13) record store day
EVERY day is Record Store Day!

The plan had not been to draw a cartoon for Record Store Day. In fact, I’d been thinking about a record shopping–themed drawing for a long time. This one was fully sketched, with a little inking already done, when I realized that today was Record Store Day. So I used that as motivation to finish. So, yay!

This one was fun to draw, especially the albums—got to put the Tombows to the test. Matching colors was harder than I expected, largely because I have a Crayola 8-pack sense of color. Yeah, the visible records magically changed from frame to frame. Sue me.

It was important to me to get the likenesses of the enabler characters, and I’m reasonably pleased with how they came out (at least in frame 3).