2019-03-01 – the furniture chronicles (episode 1)

(2019-03-01) the furniture chronicles 3
What happens to the basement table stays on the basement table. And is usually splattered on the walls and scattered across the floor.

It’s been awhile. As usual, the problem is lack of ideas and not lack of will or opportunity. Sigh. I’m trying to get past the barrier of waiting for or trying to think of the perfect cartoon idea—the whole “the perfect is the enemy of the good [or at least adequate]” thing—but old habits die hard. I’m working on being more open to ideas, even if they seem ridiculous or bizarre.

And that leads us here. A project Lisa and I recently completed, to our surprise and delight, was cheaply reupholstering the chairs and bench from the table set we bought after we finished our basement. As we were working on this endeavor, it occurred to me how much abuse the poor basement table has been subjected to. It seemed as good an idea as any to get me drawing.

The usual comments, explanations, apologies, and disclaimers: In case the blonde hair isn’t enough of a clue, the girl in panel 4 is NOT Maia. I forgot to color in the cats in panel 6, so I used my old scan-print-color-scan-edit trick to overlay new, colored-in cats. Technology!