2017-05-12 – “collect ’em all (4)”

(2017-05-11) Poxy
Frustratingly, my magic marker set does not have a “pustule purple” color.

The Violent Rumble entry from the other day seems to have loosened up my cartoonist’s block…at least as far as this little Wacky Packages sub-project goes. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with ideas for actual strips before too long.

With this drawing I’ve gone back to a full-marker approach (lettering aside). I think I prefer the results this way. At least, I feel more like the end product is mine and not something anyone with a photo-editing program could have done (not that this is a big claim, mind you).

It’s pretty evident that I need new markers. I’ve been meaning to go to a real art supply store (looking at you, Blick in Philadelphia) to check out where marker technology is these days. It has to have advanced from the Marvy Marker sets I got back in the early 80s (which I loved but which are all but bone dry at this point).

Not afraid to admit that I’m particularly happy with this one. Infectious diseases are cool, so I appreciate being able to weave that interest into the parody. Also, I am pleased that I was able to find another product that meets the criteria I’m loosely holding to in this little exercise: (1) a product Topps never hit with a Wacky Package (well, in the original run—I’m not up on any of the post-70s series); (2) a product I like.

So expect a lot of junk food, cereal, and beer.


2017-02-22 – “collect ’em all (2)”

(2017-02-22) S & M's

Another parody from last month’s Wacky Packages-inspired afternoon of drawing. This time I colored it in the old-fashioned way, with magic markers. And I mean really old fashioned, because some of these markers date back from when I was Maia’s age.

I like the color of markers better (though brown sure isn’t easy to work with). I don’t like how the delicate line work exposes the fact that I need stronger glasses (so I have them). I used my drawing program’s text feature to add the text at the bottom. Partially this was because I wanted to see how it would work, and partially it was because I knew it would be almost impossible to color around white text (look at the text at the top to see what I mean). I don’t feel like this is cheating; I read an interview with one of the Topps artists who worked on the original Wacky Packages (Jay Lynch), and he said that they used rub-on lettering all the time.

From this entry, we see clearly that I’m combining an 8-year-old boy’s sense of humor with a 50-year-old man’s perversion. Best of both worlds!

So I think I’m going to work toward drawing a full 30-product series of these parodies this year. I have three done (well, one’s only in the pencil sketch stage), and…I don’t know that I have any more ideas. (Beth, this is right in your wheelhouse. If you wander back this way and read this, feel free to offer suggestions.).

2017-02-22 – collect ’em all!

Eat your heart out, Topps!

Like so many others my age, I had the Wacky Packages monkey on my back something fierce back in the 70s.

When Topps resurrected Wacky Packages a few years ago, I was compelled to buy a few packs. But I was disappointed with the gags and the art. I’m not quite sure why—it’s certainly not an issue of my sense of humor becoming any more refined. I think it’s just that none of the parodies seemed very clever. I remember my mom loving the old Wackies, so much so that she would often refer to products by their Wackified names (Log Cave In syrup is one I remember her using a lot). None of these new ones seemed like they’d have been Marty-worthy.

Anyway, I recently dug out my old collection, and it got me to thinking about all the ideas early-70s Jon had for new Wackies. I think you can see where this is heading.

OK, so this may not be especially clever. Fair enough. I came up with this particular idea a few years ago, while cat sitting for friends. I actually did a mock-up of this design and slapped it on the Pop Tarts box in their cabinet. My idea had been to replace several other products in their house (the only other one I remember was Adam Ant’s in Your Pants for the game Ants in the Pants), but it was too much work.

This is one of three Wacky-esque sketches I dashed off a couple of days ago. I used a computer art program to color it, which was not easy. I don’t think Topps ever came up with a Wacky for Pop Tarts. Seems like it would have been pretty low-hanging fruit.