2019-10-01 – ring

10-01 ring
I-I-I wanna be a lifeguard…

Can’t believe it’s been a year since Maia (and I think I’m OK sticking with just “Maia” now) put me on to Inktober. She is so crazy busy with riding, marching band, and dance that I didn’t think she’d rise to the Inktober challenge this year when I asked. I was right.

Not too thrilled with this Inktober 2019 kickoff. The drawing is to about my usual standards (sigh), but I’m afraid the idea is too obscure. The two lifeguards are using struggling swimmers as targets in a ring toss game. You know you’re barking up the wrong tree when you feel like you need to explain your cartoon.

Well, there are 30 more days of Inktober. Hopefully I’ll up my game.