2019-03-01 – the furniture chronicles (episode 1)

(2019-03-01) the furniture chronicles 3
What happens to the basement table stays on the basement table. And is usually splattered on the walls and scattered across the floor.

It’s been awhile. As usual, the problem is lack of ideas and not lack of will or opportunity. Sigh. I’m trying to get past the barrier of waiting for or trying to think of the perfect cartoon idea—the whole “the perfect is the enemy of the good [or at least adequate]” thing—but old habits die hard. I’m working on being more open to ideas, even if they seem ridiculous or bizarre.

And that leads us here. A project Lisa and I recently completed, to our surprise and delight, was cheaply reupholstering the chairs and bench from the table set we bought after we finished our basement. As we were working on this endeavor, it occurred to me how much abuse the poor basement table has been subjected to. It seemed as good an idea as any to get me drawing.

The usual comments, explanations, apologies, and disclaimers: In case the blonde hair isn’t enough of a clue, the girl in panel 4 is NOT Maia. I forgot to color in the cats in panel 6, so I used my old scan-print-color-scan-edit trick to overlay new, colored-in cats. Technology!


Gruss vom Krampus (2017)

2017 Krampuskarten 2017 (main)
One for the road…alas.

All of a sudden I’ve been drawing krampuskarten for four years. It still feels like a new tradition (my drawing them, that is). I’m clearly in the time-flying-by faze of life.

Anyway, here’s last year’s model. Maia and Robby got to star in the inaugural 2015 card, Beth and Lisa took 2016, so that left Todd and me. And here we are. Pretty obvious “plot,” really, given that this whole nonsense started over the annual pouring of Southern Tier’s Krampus Helles Lager.

Unfortunately, we’re near the end of that component of Krampusnacht. We noticed a sharp decline in the availability of liquid Krampus last year, to the point where Todd called Southern Tier and learned that they will no longer be brewing it. (In my mind’s eye I see a frantic, tearful Todd making this call, but I doubt that’s how it went down and I’m certain he wouldn’t appreciate that.). I managed to get my hands on a couple of bottles of Krampus (deeply discounted in Total Wine’s annual post-Krampusnacht sale)(no, not really), so we’ll be able to toast Krampus this year (and maybe in 2019).

As for this drawing, I once again employed what is perhaps my favorite computer-aided cartooning trick: blowing up an area where fine detail is needed, then shrinking it back into the original drawing. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, it’s too hard to see the fine detail once the drawing has been shrunk.

2018-10-06 – drooling

#inktober #inktober18

WHERE are they getting these prompts?

Low-key drawing session tonight, but at least I convinced Maiarory to join me. As she was making her sketch, I noted that her bear looked like the character from “Five Nights at Freddy’s.” She said she wasn’t going for that, but I don’t think she minded my comment. I love the bear’s expression. Maiarory really has eyes and facial features down.

The only thing that “drooling” brought to my mind was the old playground saying; hopefully the drawing makes sufficiently clear what saying I’m referring to. My favorite part of this drawing is the male researcher, which was a detail I threw on at the last moment.

Lisa and her college friends have gathered for their annual WOW this weekend. Seems only appropriate to dedicate my drawing to them.

10-06 - drooling - RS

10-06 - drooling - JS 2

2018-10-05 – chicken

#inktober #inktober2018

Very weird prompt list so far! Once again trying to work multiple definitions of the prompt word into the drawing—not sure how many more will lend themselves to that kind of chicanery.

Maiarory passed on the invitation to join me for the evening drawing session.

10-05 - chicken - JS
Shouldn’t they be getting to the other side?

2018-10-04 – spell

#Inktober #Inktober2018

Didn’t have a pencil sketch done for this evening’s Inktoberfest, so this was a one-sitting effort. I rarely draw that way. Maiarory, on the other hand, gets good stuff down on the page in no time. There’s probably a good lesson in getting out of my own way in there somewhere.

One of the first things I’m doing each Inktober day is going to the website to see what the day’s prompt is. I immediately knew I was going to go for the “putting letters together to make words” aspect of “spell,” but then it occurred to me that I could maybe go with more than one meaning. Pretty ridiculous, really, but it got another drawing in the books.

Maiarory was in her school’s production of Mary Poppins last year so got to know that story very well. It never occurred to me that what Mary Poppins was doing throughout the play was casting spells, but once Maiarory pointed it out it seemed pretty obvious. Her drawing is from the room-cleaning, “Spoon Full of Sugar” scene.

10-04 - spell - RS

10-04 - spell - JS
Also: “Father, why do we have this crappy muggle Scrabble game?” 

2018-10-02 – Inktober! (tranquil)

Inktober Day 2. As we did yesterday, M and I spent some time together this evening inking in sketches we had worked on. Even if I didn’t really enjoy drawing, the quality time makes this whole undertaking way worth it.

I’m really admiring Maia’s drawing style.

10-02 - tranquil - RS

10-02 - tranquil - JS
that’s a paddlin’

2018-10-01 – Inktober! (poisonous)

So this past weekend Maia (I mean “Rory”) suggested that I join her in Inktober, a month-long drawing-a-day challenge—which sounded a lot more fun than Septemperance, my quest to avoid beer for a month.

Inktober provides daily one-word prompts for the drawings, and today’s word was “poisonous.” Here are my and Rory’s 10/1 Inktober entries.

10-01 - poisonous - RS

10-01 - poisonous - JS
Mr. Yuk’s rough day