2019-10-05 – build

10-05 build
Hammer time!

So far this is my favorite Inktober 2019 drawing. Simple. Unapologetic. Straightforward. There was no overthinking or repeated drawings and erasings of pencil lines. Just a prompt, a pretty obvious idea for it, and putting pencil/marker to the paper and (apologies) hammering it out.

This drawing reminds me, style-wise, of my favorite Inktober 2018 drawing, though that one had the double-meaning of the prompt that I like to work in when I can (so far none of this year’s prompts have lent/loaned themselves to that).

2018-10-18 – bottle

#Inktober #Inktober2018

Sigh. I’m afraid I’ve lost my Inktober mojo. Some of that is the uninspiring prompts (I got nothing for “angular” and “swollen”). Most of it is my inability to stay focused. Not giving up yet, but there’ll be a lot of gap days.

This one’s pretty obscure. According to my baby book (which my mom was quite diligent in maintaining), when I was very little (like, just-starting-to-talk little) I mistook Heublein Tower in Simsbury (near my home town of Canton) for a…baby bottle. Easy mistake, right? They probably still get that a lot up on Talcott Mountain. Anyway, I apparently got very excited whenever I saw it and chanted “bottle! bottle!” Even if Marts hadn’t dutifully noted this in my baby book, I’d still know it because this is a part of family lore. I’ve heard “bottle! bottle!” from my siblings all my life.

As an aside, as a little kid I apparently was also able to triangulate on Heublein Tower and use it to determine where we were going. So I had that working for me.

Anyway, this whole bit of nonsense is the first thing I thought of when I saw “bottle” as a prompt. It’s probably a good thing none of my family knows I have this blog.

10-18 - bottle - JS
I can’t swear to it, but I don’t think my car seat actually floated. For that matter, I can’t be sure I was put in a car seat at all.



2018-10-14 – clock

#Inktober #Inktober2018

I’m getting a lot of satisfaction out of (mostly) hanging with these Inktober drawings. I think it’s that the prompts are “forcing” me to draw. For me, “cartoonist’s block” is mostly a product of not being able to think of things to draw.

Back to Inktober prompt “double-dipping” here. Not sure if this is what is called “forced perspective”; it’s definitely not something I’ve done a lot.

10-14 - clock - JS
one way to beat your time

2018-10-13 – guarded

#inktober #inktober2018

Having been steeped in Star Trek since practically birth (thanks, Pat), I think of only one thing when I hear the word “guard.”

I was very, very tempted to bring out the color markers for this one. If ever there was a drawing that was screaming out for red (and, OK, gold), it’s this one.

10-13 - guarded - JS
Quiz: how many people will be shown in the next picture?



2018-10-12 – whale

#Inktober #Inktober2018

Having grown up in Connecticut in the 70s, I had two obvious places to take this prompt. I’m running behind, and ice cream cakes are easier to draw than hockey, so the choice was easy.

10-12 - whale - JS
every Wednesday is sundae

2018-10-11 – cruel

#Inktober #Inktober2018

October 10’s prompt was “flowing,” and I had nothing. Considered (1) waterfalls/rivers, (2) beer,  (3) hair, and (4) the Alan Parsons Project song “Time,” but (1) as demonstrated by “tranquil,” I can’t draw landscape-y stuff; (2) too obvious; (3) what do I know about hair?; and (4) too obscure. So I took the day off.

Unfortunately, all it took was one skipped day for me to lose what little momentum I had. I’m determined to make a decent run at Inktober 2018, so I’ll be playing catch-up over the next few days.

October 11’s word was “cruel.”

10-11 - cruel - JS
in the right measure


2018-10-07 – exhausted

#Inktober #Inktober2018

Apt word for the day.

Maiarory is (didn’t want to have a drawing session tonight).

Finny is. And he’s sleeping on the floor right under my desk, so he’s a convenient subject.

Mailing it in today? Maybe a little. But that’s because I’m—wait for it!—exhausted.

10-07 - exhausted - JS