2020-03-29 – “collect ’em all” (10)

(2020-03-28) Covid 19 (2)
Free inside: N95 mask!

So there’s kind of a global public health crisis happening now, and most of the world is under stay-at-home orders. I’d just as soon not dwell on this topic at the moment, so let’s move on…

With so much more time on my hands for indoor activities, I’ve been desperately trying to force inspiration for drawing. This has gone as well as it usually does.

Thank God for Beth, who texted me a picture of this product with the message “This is begging for a current events Wacky Package.” It so was. And here we are.

The usual few comments about the process: shout-out to the employee at Blick Art Supplies who pointed me to Smooth Bristol 100-lb paper, which takes the ink from the Tombow markers much better and provides more cover for my crude, brush-stroke heavy “technique.” I also continue to love the color options provided by the Tombow marker set I got a couple of years ago. On the down side, even the fine-point ends of these markers aren’t small enough to allow for detailed lettering work. I’m not terribly pleased with the “COVID” and the “Hell on us” in this drawing. Finally, I hate to admit this, but I find it increasingly hard on my hand to do detailed work for any length of time. I remember lamenting the increasing shakiness of later-year Peanuts comics (though not as much as I lamented the abject terribleness of the writing). I’m feeling more sympathetic to Charles Schulz now, God rest his soul.


2020-02-11 – “collect ’em all” (9)

(2020-02-11) f'reak
now with more inclusions!

It’s been a while since I’ve added to this series. Indeed, I was stunned to see that it had been (with the exception of a double-duty drawing from Inktober 2019) almost TWO YEARS since I’d done one of these parodies.

I started this one last summer, when Maia and her friend Rachel had the Wawa F’real monkey on their backs something fierce. I’m never sure about “cheating” and using the computer to add lettering, but I’m pleased with how it worked here. It’s almost a requirement any time I need white text.

Had a surprisingly hard time thinking of crap to put in the ice cream. Should have put a mushroom or two. Used the wrong magic marker for the bone, which should be white and not grey. Oh, well. I do like the tentacle and the hand.

2019-10-04 – freeze

10-04 freeze
a little (very little) wiz wit

“Freeze” seems like the kind of prompt where I shouldn’t have needed to go the Wacky Packages route, but I couldn’t think of anything. Also, earlier this week I was reminiscing about WPs with my friend Nance, and it made me realize it had been a long time since I chipped away at my “collect ’em all” series.  So I’m killing two birds with one stone here.

I recently got a new computer, and unfortunately none of my photo-editing software is compatible with this new one. I’ve been auditioning freeware replacements, not with great success I’m sad to say. Fortunately, this drawing didn’t require much “post-marker” work.

2017-12-06 – “collect ’em all” (8)

(2012-12-05) crampous
Oh, the excesses of Krampusnacht!

A Krampusnacht (or, I suppose, Krampusboxingday) bonus!

This one pretty much wrote itself, so the main challenge was in appropriately modifying the character’s position, gesture, and expression.

Another challenge was the lettering, which I achieved by drawing it large and using my trusty editing software to shrink and position. This required a lot more cloning than I would have liked. A down side to this approach to drawing is that I don’t end up with a final, complete drawing in my sketch pad. I wasn’t sure if I should sign the drawing, as when I put the markers down, it still wasn’t truly finished.

Learned something about these new markers, too: the color shows up proportionately to how many pen strokes are used. This doesn’t suit my finesse-free approach very well. It would be better if the color was uniform. Oh well.

Beth and Robby suggested that I include an image of the actual product in these parodies, so here’s Krampus Helles Lager, as the good people at Southern Tier conceived him.

2017-08-08 – “collect ’em all” (7)

(2017-08-08) Bonettes
They’re skullicious! (Damn, I should have put that in the drawing.)

Another actual strip is coming, hopefully before I head off on vacation later this week, but I’ve been against oppressively tight deadlines at work…so my need for procrastination was extreme, and this drawing was closer to being done.

On one of my earlier “collect ’em all” posts, Beth rang in with a couple ideas for other parodies (at least one of which will definitely be done). She also noted that Robby suggested something working around a “boo” or “monster” theme. Not sure if he was looking for something that used those exact words, but I really liked the idea of working the spooky/scary side of the street, so I kept an eye out for product names that lended (loaned? lent? That’s one that I can never keep straight, and heaven forbid I waste precious time consulting a dictionary) themselves to that kind of treatment. And here we are (which tells you all you need to know about what aisles I spend most of my time in when I shop).

The skulls in this one are a departure from the way I usually draw skulls, which has always just been a variation on the poison label approach. I was also a bit stuck for what to do aside from skulls and the stock “dog bone” bone. Not sure my ribs and vertebrae cut it. Was also stuck for what to SAY on the package—”haunted bone fragments” is pretty “enh.”

On the plus side, I was able to exchange the bleedy Prismacolor markers I lamented in my last post for a 96-color set of Tombows, and having that range of colors available made it easy to bypass the whole computer-coloring approach I’d used to middling results in some of the earlier “collect ’em all” drawings.