2019-04-13 – RSD, bitches!

(2019-04-13) record store day
EVERY day is Record Store Day!

The plan had not been to draw a cartoon for Record Store Day. In fact, I’d been thinking about a record shopping–themed drawing for a long time. This one was fully sketched, with a little inking already done, when I realized that today was Record Store Day. So I used that as motivation to finish. So, yay!

This one was fun to draw, especially the albums—got to put the Tombows to the test. Matching colors was harder than I expected, largely because I have a Crayola 8-pack sense of color. Yeah, the visible records magically changed from frame to frame. Sue me.

It was important to me to get the likenesses of the enabler characters, and I’m reasonably pleased with how they came out (at least in frame 3).


2019-03-01 – the furniture chronicles (episode 1)

(2019-03-01) the furniture chronicles 3
What happens to the basement table stays on the basement table. And is usually splattered on the walls and scattered across the floor.

It’s been awhile. As usual, the problem is lack of ideas and not lack of will or opportunity. Sigh. I’m trying to get past the barrier of waiting for or trying to think of the perfect cartoon idea—the whole “the perfect is the enemy of the good [or at least adequate]” thing—but old habits die hard. I’m working on being more open to ideas, even if they seem ridiculous or bizarre.

And that leads us here. A project Lisa and I recently completed, to our surprise and delight, was cheaply reupholstering the chairs and bench from the table set we bought after we finished our basement. As we were working on this endeavor, it occurred to me how much abuse the poor basement table has been subjected to. It seemed as good an idea as any to get me drawing.

The usual comments, explanations, apologies, and disclaimers: In case the blonde hair isn’t enough of a clue, the girl in panel 4 is NOT Maia. I forgot to color in the cats in panel 6, so I used my old scan-print-color-scan-edit trick to overlay new, colored-in cats. Technology!

2018-07-03 – cats as cats can

(2018-07-03) cats as cats can -c
a day–and a night–in the life

Six months after starting this one, I am glad to have it finally finished. I could not figure out how to depict different times of day. Was convinced color needed to be involved…it was the “how” that was the problem. There was a bit of experimenting before we got to this point. Still not too sure about “evening,” but whatever.

Milo (tiger) and Frangelica (“Jelly,” calico) debut here. I’m sure I’ve included Finnegans (“Finn,” white) in a cartoon at some point.

OK, so back to it, then. Let’s see if I can come up with some other ideas.

1986 – “drawn, quarter-ed”

(1986) quarters and tokens
brake it down!

Made the drive to visit the homeland this past weekend, and as I hit the Garden State Parkway I remembered this drawing. It makes me appreciate EZ Pass all the more.

Not sure what hits me most about this cartoon. Seeing (sort of) my faithful old Plymouth Duster? Naranjito as my copilot? The quaintness of a 25-cent Garden State Parkway toll? My Prince Valiant haircut? My having hair?

One thing I know for sure: quarters (less so tokens) in those days did a lot of things—bought a game of Hat Trick or 8 Ball Deluxe (“quit talkin’ and start chalkin’!”), bounced into beer glasses, disappeared into machines to yield plastic egg–encapsulated toys (Fast Food in Apple-Scented Capsules!)—but speeding my trip on the Garden State Parkway was not one of them.

1990 (?) – “a guy sits in a bar…”

(1990) a guy sits in a bar...
“I really wish I knew where he was going with this…”

This cartoon fragment resides on one of the first pages of the sketch book I’ve been working in for…forever. Every time I take out my drawing supplies, I flip past this sketch to find a blank page.

That’s supposed to be me on the right (the hairline and facial hair may not be quite the same these days, but I’m sure anyone who knows me will readily recognize the looks of annoyance). Based on the drawings on the surrounding pages, this sketch is from 1990. Beyond that, I have no idea what’s going on here. I have no idea who the other person is (or even if it’s supposed to be anyone specific), what bar this is (strangely, even though the sketch doesn’t necessarily indicate “bar,” I know that’s the setting here), or where I was going with this strip. If I had to guess, I’d say this was likely to be some kind of I-don’t-want-to-hear-how-great-things-are-going-for-you-my-life-sucks statement. Or something similarly uplifting. I might guess this was during the time when my pal Eric was first dating his now-wife Laura—the other character here looks a little like a glassesless Eric—but (a) Eric wouldn’t have been inclined to prattle on about his good fortunes and (b) Eric doesn’t drink.

My beer is probably a Yuengling Lager or a Molson Golden. I was a bit of a label-peeler, so it’s amusing to see I found it worthwhile to capture that here. It was also extremely important, evidently, that I capture the precise position of the two snacks that escaped the bowl in each of the first two panels. And what exactly ARE those snacks? Goldfish?

Dialogue and theme aside, I like how this one was turning out. I wish I’d finished it.