2020-04-24 – arboreal

2020-04-24 - arboreal
Aye-aye, sir.

I remembered to check the Merriam-Webster site for the Word of the Day, and it was a word I can work with! Promising start to a rainy Friday.

I’ve always loved the weird, wide-eyed primates and prosimians. And they don’t get weirder or wide-eyer than the aye-aye (well, I suppose the tarsiers may have something to say about that). If I had the aye-aye’s cool middle finger, I’d have a hard time not showing it off. And given how much of a hard time I already have not flashing my not-particularly-cool middle finger, that’s saying something.

This is reminding me that it’s been some time since I’ve been to a zoo. Don’t think I’ll be rectifying that any time soon.


2020-04-14 – hypnagogic

2020-04-14 - hypnagogic
Spoiler alert: zzzzz

Even with all this stay-at-home time on my hands these days, I haven’t been able to rally any motivation to break out the ol’ drawing pad. It got me wondering how I was able to churn out a drawing every day of #Inktober. Then it hit me: I could use Merriam-Webster’s word-of-the-day and run with my OWN #Inktober-type thing. We’ll call it quaran-toons! Brilliant!

But then I checked the Merriam-Webster site and saw the word for that day: hypnagogic. I like obscure words as much as the next guy (OK, way MORE than the next guy), but I’d never heard that one before. A quick glance at the recent words of the day showed what I would be up against if I tried to use those words as drawing prompts. So I don’t think #quarantoons is going to be a daily feature. I’ll check the site and hope that something comes to mind. If it does, I’ll dash off a drawing…and you’ll all be the first to know.