2019-10-31 – ripe

10-31 ripe
more stink lines!

Better late than never, but that’s a wrap! I didn’t set any hard goals for Inktober 2019, and that probably helped keep it fun and less obligationy.

Had to check to see if this usage of “ripe” is Merriam-Webster sanctioned or if it’s still just lurking in the deepest alleys of slang. Looks like it’s the latter.

Where’s the baby’s belly button? Oops.

2019-10-30 – catch

10-30 catch.jpg

Looks like I might just pull off an Inktober clean sweep! I love prompts that can be rendered in baseball-related drawings (obviously). This one was a gimme.

Catcher’s equipment sure has evolved since my day.

2019-10-29 – injured


10-29 injured
If at first you don’t succeed…you’ll end up in a cast for 6 weeks.

Here’s the prequel to the “sling” drawing. To be completely accurate, I’d have had to draw asphalt along the baseline and a LOT more garbage. But I’ve captured the first baseman pretty well, that jerk.

2019-10-23 – ancient

10-23 ancient
Papy [backwards R] Us!
Enh. Wasn’t excited about this prompt. Can you tell?

But this is an important drawing insofar as it keeps me in the running for a clean sweep through Inktober.


[Just did an “audit” of my Inktober posts and found that, for some reason, this one was never published. Completists, breathe easy: here it is!]

2019-10-27 – coat

10-27 coat
…and profilin’

I feel like I’m limping to the finish as Inktober winds down.

Last Christmas Lisa bought me a new coat, which I desperately needed. It’s a Prana Bronson Jacket, and I [heart] it. When I went online to find a picture of it to refer to for this drawing (because heaven forbid I get up and walk to the closet), I was stunned to find almost NONE were available. I guess Prana has moved on.

Here we once again have the typical dark lines I always use to represent blue jeans, which is just about the only thing my characters wear. The problem is what to do when I need to make ANOTHER piece of clothing dark. The jacket here is supposed to be dark-ish green. As with the foreground/background issue with the “dark” drawing, I’m not thrilled with the result. And what was I thinking with the stippling?

2019-10-26 – dark

10-26 dark
they only come out at night

I was away this past weekend, so I need to play a little Inktober catch up.

I’ve never been great with shadows and darkness, so I figured I’d try to work on that. Not sure what I think of the results. The flashlight beam looks like it could be a road or path. And the perpendicular foreground and background lines are distracting. Maybe I should have thrown a darkened tree or two in the background.