2019-10-31 – ripe

10-31 ripe
more stink lines!

Better late than never, but that’s a wrap! I didn’t set any hard goals for Inktober 2019, and that probably helped keep it fun and less obligationy.

Had to check to see if this usage of “ripe” is Merriam-Webster sanctioned or if it’s still just lurking in the deepest alleys of slang. Looks like it’s the latter.

Where’s the baby’s belly button? Oops.

2019-10-30 – catch

10-30 catch.jpg

Looks like I might just pull off an Inktober clean sweep! I love prompts that can be rendered in baseball-related drawings (obviously). This one was a gimme.

Catcher’s equipment sure has evolved since my day.

2019-10-29 – injured


10-29 injured
If at first you don’t succeed…you’ll end up in a cast for 6 weeks.

Here’s the prequel to the “sling” drawing. To be completely accurate, I’d have had to draw asphalt along the baseline and a LOT more garbage. But I’ve captured the first baseman pretty well, that jerk.

2019-10-23 – ancient

10-23 ancient
Papy [backwards R] Us!
Enh. Wasn’t excited about this prompt. Can you tell?

But this is an important drawing insofar as it keeps me in the running for a clean sweep through Inktober.


[Just did an “audit” of my Inktober posts and found that, for some reason, this one was never published. Completists, breathe easy: here it is!]

2019-10-27 – coat

10-27 coat
…and profilin’

I feel like I’m limping to the finish as Inktober winds down.

Last Christmas Lisa bought me a new coat, which I desperately needed. It’s a Prana Bronson Jacket, and I [heart] it. When I went online to find a picture of it to refer to for this drawing (because heaven forbid I get up and walk to the closet), I was stunned to find almost NONE were available. I guess Prana has moved on.

Here we once again have the typical dark lines I always use to represent blue jeans, which is just about the only thing my characters wear. The problem is what to do when I need to make ANOTHER piece of clothing dark. The jacket here is supposed to be dark-ish green. As with the foreground/background issue with the “dark” drawing, I’m not thrilled with the result. And what was I thinking with the stippling?

2019-10-26 – dark

10-26 dark
they only come out at night

I was away this past weekend, so I need to play a little Inktober catch up.

I’ve never been great with shadows and darkness, so I figured I’d try to work on that. Not sure what I think of the results. The flashlight beam looks like it could be a road or path. And the perpendicular foreground and background lines are distracting. Maybe I should have thrown a darkened tree or two in the background.

2019-10-25 – tasty

10-25 tasty
Not Drakes. Not Hostess. Not Little Debbie…

I guess after almost 30 years of living in and around Philadelphia, it sinks it. So naturally, now, when you say “tasty,” I say “kake.” And, yes, I say it spelled that way.

I remember my first encounter with a Tastykake. In my freshman year at Drew, the dining hall had them for sale. I was a Drakes guy through and through, and I thought the very idea of the stupidly spelled “Tastykake” was ridiculous. And it was even worse, because the product was a “Koffee Kake.” To this day, I have no idea why they spell it that way.

Excuse the fuzzy/dark part of the scan here. I’m on the last page of my sketchbook, and I’m hoping to get through Inktober 2019 before going over to the new one I just picked up (along with the coveted Copic 0.3 marker I mentioned several posts ago) at Blick. So I’m cramming drawings on any bit of open space I can find on the sketchbook pages. In this case, that put me right up against the spiral binding, which made both drawing and scanning more difficult.

Not loving this guy’s Beatle haircut.

2019-10-24 – dizzy

10-24 dizzy
Spin, spin, SPIN for the…

OK, so I finally got to double up on a prompt! By this I mean that I was able to work more than one shade of meaning of the prompt word into the drawing, which I find a fun challenge. Last year’s prompts provided more opportunities for this, or at least I was cleverer last year.

2019-10-22 – ghost

10-22 ghost
Ouiji, they ji, everybody ji!

This was a prompt I was looking forward to, though I’m not sure why—it’s not like I had any firm idea of what I wanted to draw. It’s just that ghostseses are cool. Though it’s hard to sort out how exactly their transparency works.

I considered working the old Scooby Doo Spooky Space Kook (a family fave) into this prompt, but for whatever reason this cartoon popped into my head.

This is my first Inktober drawing this year with any dialogue. I think I managed to work at least a couple of last year’s prompts into actual strips. Ah, well.