[expletive deleted]!

Couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true!

In the dark, dark—oh, so unbelievably dark—hours of yesterday night, I came to the realization that I needed to re-invest in the pastimes that give me joy and divest of those that do the opposite. Pretty obvious, really, right? Yet I’d gotten into the habit of mindlessly doing things that eat up time and more often than not annoy me or rile me up. (Yes, I know, some of that is my very low annoyance and rile points.)

Anyway, one of the pastimes that DOES give me great satisfaction is this little cartooning/blog project. So here we are.

This is the last panel from one of a series of strips I drew in the 1990s. I’ll get into the details of that strip some other time. Right now I just need to get this out there.