2019-10-12 – dragon

10-12 dragon
Like Tommy James once said: dragon the line, dragon the line, dragon the line…

The only thing I could think of with this prompt was the Harry Potter books, and I had no good ideas on what fresh take to give any of the dragons from that world.

Then I remembered the old Ed Emberley drawing books. Odin (Backman, God rest his soul) gave me this book for my 7th or 8th birthday, and I really took to it. We got it for Maia many years ago, but it did not have the same effect. Anyway, I remembered that there was a page devoted to, er,  drawing dragons (but none, however, to shrawing shremons). And believe it or not I even kind of remembered how to do it. I embellished it a bit, and this is where we landed.

AND I’m almost halfway through Inktober 2019, and I’m still hanging in there. So yay!

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