2016-09-02 – “Interro-BANG!”


I had a great time going through the Cubicle Counts and reminiscing about the BIOSIS “glory” days.

When I was drawing the cartoons, the strip was nothing but a silly throwaway hobby. Looking back over them so many years later, though, I couldn’t escape the feeling that the strips represent something more. For all the disdain I heaped on BIOSIS in these blog posts—and I regret none of it—I still can’t help but smile as I think about the people and events from the BIOSIS years. And I can’t help but feel that Cubicle Count won’t really be “complete” until I capture some of the people and events that make up my best (and/or most vivid) memories from those years…

Which brings us here. For obvious reasons, this time around I’m not going to follow my usual practice of tagging all the people that appear in the, um, strip. But there’s no question that the Cubicle Count oeuvre would be incomplete without an appearance from this character, and here she is (and then some!).

I only just drew this, but already I’ve found something I wish I’d done differently: despite the title, I didn’t use an actual interrobang (‽). Should have used one in panel 3.

Without looking back through my journals, I’d peg this “missing” Cubicle Count to late 1992.



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