1992-11-30 – “Pool party”

That’s a wrap.

Here, a few months after the previous one and all on its own, is the last original Cubicle Count.  

(“Last original…?!” Could there be Cubicle Counts of some other type still out there somewhere, asked absolutely no one. Could be!)

So here’s another pretty standard-issue office theme: the football pool. It was run by—and almost always won by—Mike Costello. I actually regret featuring Mike Costello in a strip, though I’m glad I did “capture” Mike Hilden, truly one of the BIOSIS good guys (and an exceptional softball first baseman).

I think the idea here is that Mike C. is supposed to be holding a wad of bills in the third panel. I’m not sure that comes across, which is probably why I drew the character making a “number one” sign. Whatever.

I’m not certain why I stopped drawing the strip. I don’t think it would have been because Dave Sturgill left—not directly, anyway, though it’s interesting that I didn’t draw another strip until several months after the “farewell, Dave” strip. I don’t remember much about how the social ebb and flow of the BIOSIS experience went for me, but I suspect that I was bumming with the loss of the last of my work peops. Anyway, I do know that I transferred out of EID not long after this strip was drawn, and my new department was way less dysfunctional than this one, so I probably didn’t need the escape of the comic strip as much.


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