1992-08-24 – “Bar one”

Back to the more mundane aspects of BIOSIS life on the fourth floor.

The Number One bar was a frozen novelty: three layers of chocolate-enrobed ice cream (vanilla-chocolate-vanilla) packaged in a nondescript foil wrapper. Available in the BIOSIS vendeteria for the low-low price of, I don’t know, probably a dollar. I’d never seen one of these before I worked at BIOSIS, and I haven’t seen once since. Even Google is at a loss to supply evidence of Number One bar’s existence. Maybe I (and Dave) imagined it. Maybe, too, BIOSIS was just an extended hallucination…

Like so many other Cubicle Counts (and BIOSIS work days), this one involves nothing more than characters sitting around talking about what Elaine in Seinfeld once described as “the excruciating minutiae of every. Single. Daily. Event.”

One thing I’ve noticed: these strips show a lot of people pointing.

Given that this strip has “bar” in the title, I’m surprised to find it wasn’t set at Cherry Street Tavern or Roosevelt’s. Actually, as I revisit these strips (and thus my memories of BIOSIS overall), I am recalling a few people and events that I never featured but should have. I think I may need to draw a few more strips in order to fully close the (comic) book on the BIOSIS experience…

(1992-08-24) bar one
I scream, you scream, we all scream…

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