1992-08-03 – “An honest day’s work”

(1992-08-03) an honest day's work
Be good, Jonny!

I’m noticing a theme here in these 1992 Cubicle Counts. I guess my  attitude toward the job nosedived a bit. I don’t remember when I transferred out of the department, but I hope for Cartoon Jon’s sake it’s soon!

Really a pretty cliché-y strip when you come right down to it, but–well–I’m sure it felt good to vent.

“Editing & Indexing” it still is, I see.

Hmmm, I’m throwing a right-handed punch. Perhaps the film got flipped…

The lines look blacker and stronger here, and there are NO sketch lines. This might have been drawn when I was experimenting with actual ink pens instead of fine-line markers (Pigma Micron 0.03). I’m liking the cleaner look.

For the record, I never actually ripped up journals, spray painted walls, or smacked my boss.

Poor Paul. He was actually a good guy who deserved better than to have had the likes of me in his group. According to the Google, he’s running his own photography business these days. That’s a good thing. I think photography was always his passion (being a BIOSIS group leader was a close second, I’m sure.).


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