1992-07-21 – “Break it down!”

I just noticed as I started this entry that the comic featured here was drawn several months after the previous ones. I have no idea what would have caused the hiatus: I seem to have been going at an every-couple-of-weeks clip prior to this break.

Also interesting (to me, at least) is that this strip focuses solely on me and my activities. Yes, I’ve appeared in a lot of my own comics, but for the most part I was at best a co-conspirator in the various goings-on. Perhaps my cartoon alter-ego was as much an introvert as I was/am…

To any HR personnel stumbling on this site while doing a background check prior to making me a lucrative offer: ha, ha! This isn’t reflective of my work ethi–oh, who am I kidding. Cartoon Jon here didn’t have any pressing deadlines and worked 15 hours the day before. Probably.

I’m noticing an increasing trend toward background-less panels, which I’m not sure I like. I wish I’d thrown in a cubicle wall or a bookshelf in panel 3. On the other hand, the sinking-ship/Batman-villain tilted-camera perspective in panel 1 looks a little weird.

Finally, The talk bubble-less dialogue suggests to me that I was experimenting with different cartooning styles. Being a fervent disciple of Charles Schulz, I always incline toward closed talk/thought bubbles.

Addendum: It just occurred to me how ridiculous, in the light of having been in the workforce for almost 30 years, the idea of assigned break times are. But BIOSIS had ’em! 10:15 and…2:30 (I think). I don’t remember if lunch was also scheduled for a particular time. Also don’t remember whether group leaders had to hold our hand and walk us to the potty.

(1992-07-21) break it down
Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping…




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