1991-12-01 – “…the more they stay the same”

No need to audition for a replacement for Dawn with Tracey on hand.

This rendition of Tracey looks a lot more like the real Tracey, though I think I should have added a freckle or two.

If these comics are to be believed, Dave and I spent a lot of time sitting around in my cubicle. Which sounds about right.

Why, yes that is an Acta Botanica poster in my cubicle. I wonder what the hell Acta Botanica was (I think it was a foreign botany journal. I must have used my seniority to pull rank and claim that sweet…foreign botany journal…poster).

I wish I hadn’t gone to the trouble of using a ruler to make the panel borders straight. The crappy freehand borders suit the strip better.

Judging from the notes above the comic, I had rather the hard time coming up with the dialogue for this one. Clearly it was worth the effort. The result is so…Shakespearean!

(1991-12-01)...the more they stay the same
Fall gal

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