1991-11-12 – “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

Dawn hung around a lot longer than I remembered!

And here we meet Joe Riley, one of the good guys at BIOSIS. As we see here, poor old Joe had the misfortune of being temporarily reassigned to my department (happily for both of us, we would end up transferring out). This strip was likely a reaction to another of the BIOSIS shuffle-the-deck-chairs-on-the-Titanic reorganizations I alluded to in an earlier post. Maybe this was even part of the rebranding of the Information Authority Department!

At the very least, this was obviously around the time when the powers-that-be saw fit to turn the top-floor cafeteria into executive offices. Not to worry, employees: we’ve added a couple new vending machines to the hallway on the first floor: enjoy your new “vendeteria” (yes, they actually called it that, as the sign in the last panel shows). I guess that makes the “ch-ch-ch-change(s)” title all the more apt.

Paul’s getting a lot more panel time than I would have expected. And there’s the BIOSIS snack machine again! Yay!

Not sure what I think of the five-panel strip. I guess it was necessary for pacing purposes, but it looks odd.

(1991-11-12) ch-ch-ch changes
Can you spare a quarter?

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