1991-10-04 – “Dave’s lament”

Aaaaand here’s where we go off the rails. A workplace where everyone sits around all day assigning codes to articles from scientific journals only offers so much in terms of cartooning fodder, so perhaps this swerve was inevitable. Not that I regret this plot, mind you.

I’m amused to note the ever-changing arrangement of my cubicle (panel 1) in these strips: I have always done everything I can to put as many barriers as possible between my work surface and the sight lines of passersby–I absolutely hate the current open office trend. Note, too, that not only are there previous Cubicle Count strips on the wall, but I’m actually drawing one at work (which I probably often did, hence the need for the barriers). Finally, I remember that shirt I am wearing: black and green stripes. I loved that shirt.

The various images of Dave in panel 2 were obviously photocopied, shrunk, and inserted back into the strip–more productive work time!

Finally…a cliffhanger! Ooooo, how exciting!

(1991-10-04) Dave's lament.jpg
Dun dun DUNNNNN…!

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