1991-09-13 – “…and Tracey makes three”

Here debuts Tracey Beck, who I to this day continue to count as a treasured friend. It’s funny to see how she’s drawn here; she doesn’t look anything like this, and I don’t remember her looking anything like this. I think it’s the glasses.

I always misremember Tracey replacing Dawn, but in the third panel we see Dawn, Kilroy-like, watching the goings on here.

Not much to say drawing-wise. For some reason I edited in squarer panel borders, which I regret. I’m remembering how much I hated drawing those office chairs–I never feel like I got them quite right.

Check out the old-school rotary phone on Paul’s desk in the first panel!

(1991-09-13) and tracey makes three (panel edit)
…let’s call the whole thing off!

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