1991-08-23 – “Gone without a Trace(y)”

One of the least likely developments at BIOSIS was the arrival of Tracey Everson, a friend who had been two years behind me at Drew. Tracey was an outdoorsy, nature-loving sort, and the mean (filthy) streets of Philadelphia always seemed a poor match for her.

I enjoyed having a fellow New Englander to commiserate with, but–alas–Tracey didn’t stick around all that long.

Comic-wise, it’s surprising to me how careless I was with the sketch lines: it looks like I made no effort to erase them after I inked in everything. That’s an indicator that I was taking some pains to not take this comic strip seriously.

(1991-08-23) gone without a Trace(y)
Abyssinia, Tracey…



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