1991-08-14 – “You better, you bettor, you bet”

I don’t remember why I drew the first Cubicle Count strip (and I suppose at this point it didn’t yet have that name), and I REALLY don’t know why I followed it up with another one. I’d love to imagine that an adoring audience DEMANDED it, but I suppose what really happened is that I simply enjoyed drawing it and kept going.

What I find interesting here is that the first panel continues with the large “Love Is” heads from the first strip, but over the course of the rest of the panels my typical drawing style starts to emerge (most evident in the presence of necks and t-shirt collars).

I like this one. I have always been terrible at coming up with ideas that will work over 3-5 comic panels, and my pacing is also usually pretty bad. But I think this one works OK. I love that the payoff (literally!) involves no dialogue.

(1991-08-14) you better, you bettor, you bet
Maggots for the win!

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